Stalker Issue

I am very sorry for posting a blog that is not about research. But this is not even a metaphor. I have been literally stalked by a creepy granny.

Photographers WannCry (2017)

The more features, the bigger attack surface. Design a WannaCry on professional DSLR cameras and make photographers cry.

Mistuned Part 3: PAC Bypass

Bypass hardware assisted mitigation using Objective-C runtime.

Mistuned Part 2: Butterfly Effect

A simple access control issue makes a huge difference, leading to infoleak and use after free.

Mistuned Part 1: Client-side XSS to Calculator and More

Remotely pwn iOS and pop up arbitrary app with 0 memory corruption.

Quick Analysis for the SSID Format String Bug

A rogue Wi-Fi hotspot can crash your phone.