Stalker Issue

I am very sorry for posting a blog that is not about research. But this is not even a metaphor. I have been literally stalked by a creepy granny.

There is a granny stalker that has been disturbing me since last year. Seriously, I am furious about the situation. I have no idea what the hell this boomer wants from me.

Here is the wild story.

Soon after I relocated to Europe, I sadly found that speaking English was not enough to survive. Instead of being homesick, I got food-sick for Asian cuisine, if there is such a word. Anyway, life was not quite easy at the beginning, not to mention the cultural differences and language barrier. I am grateful for all the people who helped me through the problems.

Eventually, I developed some hobbies to make my life more fun. Traveling is good, but there are cheap thrills as well. I found some local bars that host karaoke, which differs from East Asia.

We prefer private rooms for karaoke to host parties just for close friends. In Europe, some bars encourage customers to get on stage and perform in front of others. I enjoyed flexing high notes and seeing other peoples’ shocked faces when I performed hip-hip hits that were not my mother tongue.

There are many Erasmus students in town. Sometimes they even ask me to exchange contacts. It seemed like a perfect start to making some international friends, right?

Unfortunately, a granny is about to kill my vibe.

There was an old Italian woman who looked between 60 and 70 years old. She can’t speak English but tried to talk to me a bit. She asked me if I was a hairdresser here. That’s funny because the typical stereotype for Chinese people working in Europe should be a chef in Sushi places. It was just another person who asked for my number. I didn’t pay attention. What could possibly go wrong? Getting 0-clicked by a granny?

Actually, I appreciate that she introduced me to another bar with an English-speaking club for exchange students. But since then, it has gone out of control.

She began texting me every single week to go to bars. I felt so annoyed. What the hell is going on? Maybe she is just a poor empty nester who needs friends, but I am not a social worker for that.

One day, when I was leaving the bar, she followed me outside and talked to me. Even though I lost my patience, I tried to be nice and explained to her that I would not always be there. It depends on the weather and my mood. And sometimes I travel outside the country.

She then asked me where I would go next time; she wanted to join.

Well, that’s too much. It was like a lightning strike to my head. I should’ve been aware that she didn’t talk to anybody else after all these weeks.

I had been troubled by her frequent messages for a while, and the way she texted sounded like she was pushing you. I couldn’t think of any direction in which she might be looking for a closer relationship because it’s ridiculous.

I realized that she had asked me more than once to give me rides to other bars that open on weekends. I felt disgusted and began to ignore her. But at this point, I had no clear evidence that she had any intention of doing anything.

Well, it’s her freedom to talk to any people. It’s my freedom to ignore her.

A few weeks later, it was the beginning of December. One night, I went to the bar with friends. I was like a real performer there; many people asked me to sing songs in duets. She saw me and asked me too. I was having fun that day, so I agreed.

I don’t know if that gave her some kind of hope.

Next week. On Monday evening, she asked me to go to the bar again at 11 pm. Even though I didn’t reply shit, she wrote several messages until 00:30.

The next day she just kept that bullshit going. I contacted my local friends, seeking help to properly write something to tell her I didn’t like this. I didn’t even have time to finish that. Thursday night, at fucking 1:30 am, my phone ran twice.

Video call at 1:30 am. Are you serious? She claimed that it was by mistake. I didn’t buy it because I immediately discovered something creepy.

I just happened to have posted a story on another social platform after midnight. I noticed that a stranger’s account had visited my page. Based on the photos and the first name, it was her.

Literally a FUCKING STALKER. She must have searched my name and found my page after midnight.

And yes, from her page, it doesn’t seem like she has a companion, not to mention a family. I mean I don’t have the right to judge anyone, but please annoy somebody else.

I immediately blocked her everything.

What does she think she’s doing? A boomer trying to stalk someone who’s occupation is infosec?

I didn’t go to that bar for some weeks after that. But it’s not my problem after all. Why would I give up some enjoyment because of a person that doesn’t behave herself?

So once again, I went there. I was talking to friends when somebody patted my shoulder from behind. I turned around and saw her ugly face. I almost had a heart attack. Luckily, she didn’t do anything further when I ignored her.

The following few months were peaceful. I only went there with friends around. It still disturbed me to see her there sometimes, but I thought my response was clear enough unless she’s retarded.

It turns out that she is.

Two weeks ago, at 1 am, I suddenly received a DM “Hi hi” on Telegram from her again. Holy moly, why is this freak so insistent? Shall I block her number on every possible app?

I don’t even understand what she wants. As I mentioned before, there are so many Erasmus students, and many of them speak fluent Italian. If she wants friends, why not talk to them?

Or maybe I was too friendly at the beginning. Okay, I can be mean. Look at the explicit language I used in this blog.

Last Tuesday, some friends asked me to go to the English club. I replied that I was concerned about the stalker issue. They said they got my back, so I joined.

I asked the DJ to put on one song for me. Soon after that, I saw the stalker. I lost interest in karaoke and went upstairs to find my friends.

A few moments later, the stalker came upstairs, too. I asked the girls to cover for me. It didn’t work. The stalker walked straight to me and said it was my turn to sing. I yelled at her at maximum voice with outrage: STAY AWAY FROM ME, OR I CALL THE POLICE! BASTA! VAFFANCULO!

I had to apologize to my friends and the people around me who had no idea what was going on.

About two hours later, at 1 am, my poor Telegram received a message again from the stalker saying she was sorry. Thanks to the genius design of that software, you can’t block stranger dialogues without sending them read receipts, so I didn’t block it last time. I finally blocked and deleted it.

She hasn’t done anything that harms yet, but what a creepy person. I pity for her life. If she tried so hard to live in my head rent-free, she made it to feature on my blog rent-free, too.

I wish she had done something violent instead of continuing the harassment so I could ask for a restraining order.

Till today, I still don’t understand what she wants. Just a few bucks per month she can talk to AI chatbots endlessly. If there is a desire for something further, maybe subscribe some OnlyFans or go for a Magic Mike show. Why keep annoying me? Is it just some kind of dengue, or yellow, or whatever fever?

I don’t care. I can be mean for sure.