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Grapefruit is an open source iOS app offensive testing tool, powered by frida and Vue.js


Disclosing security vulnerabilities. For educational purpurse only


Unofficial frida extension for VSCode. Makes it easier to attach the targets

Global WebInspect

Enable WebInspect globally, allowing frontend debugging for third party apps on jailbroken devices

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Many Birds, One Stone: Exploiting a Single SQLite Vulnerability Across Multiple Software (BlackHat USA 2017) Hack Different: Pwning iOS 14 with Generation Z Bugz ModJack: Hijacking the macOS Kernel (HITB Ams 2019) I Want to Break Free: Unusuall Logic Safari Sandbox Escapes (TyphoonCon 2019) Cross-Site Escape: Pwning macOS Safari Sandbox the Unusual Way (BlackHat EU 2020) macOS “非主流”逻辑提权漏洞研究 Bifröst 揭秘:VMware Fusion REST API 漏洞分析 See No Eval: Runtime Dynamic Code Execution in Objective-C (RWCTF 2021)